Journalist. Producer. Storyteller.

I’ve been a professional ink-stained wretch since 2003, when I took a gig for $275/week for a now-defunct chain of weeklies called Taconic Press. Whether that rate says more about how old I am or how cheaply you could find Seven Sisters talent in eastern Dutchess County in the early aughts is up for debate.

From Taconic I moved on to the small (but mighty!) daily Hudson (N.Y.) Register-Star, covering crime, cops and courts. I jumped to the toy department a year or so later, eventually becoming the sports editor of the Reg and Catskill Daily Mail. I moved to Boston in 2006, working as a stringer for the AP and joining ESPN.

I eventually pivoted to video, earning an M.S. (Digital Media) at the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism. (I received my Bachelors from Vassar College and a Masters from the Harvard University Extension School.)

I joined Sports Illustrated and as a producer in 2013, building the video department of the latter into a traffic and revenue…generator — juggernaut might be too self-congratulatory — and eventually adding short documentaries and other innovative, thoughtful and unexpected content to the site repertoire.

Apart from various Sports Illustrated, GOLF and ESPN properties, my work has appeared in USA Today, GOLF Magazine, Chatham Courier, The Perpetual Post, Neighborhood Beatbox, Ann Arbor News, The Sixth Borough, The Boston Comedy Blog, What’s Up Magazine, and Punchline Magazine, among others.